Koos Steenbeek:
1st National Cahors Sector 3 against 6.525 pigeons (grandchild Donkere Barcelona x Raket x sister Madonna)
2nd National NPO Brive Afd.7 against 2.158 pigeons (grandchild Donkere Barcelona x Raket)

Hans Wolfsen, Soest
1st Final race and 1st Ace pigeon one loft race FCI Para Negra Gran Canaria (Strain: De Leo x Donkere Barcelona x De Raket)

Evert Diepenveen
9th National NPO Tarbes Afd. 3 against 2.351 pigeons (grandchild Jander x lijn Raket)



Comb. Herbots-Heller (2009)
2e International ZLU Tarbes against 12.805 pigeons (strain: Donkere Barcelona x Rainbow ,Baardje)



John en Alex Mellor from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
We had 4 cocks bred from your pigeons in our widowhood team this year.

We lost two in the first race from France, 334 miles
The two remaining cocks have won the following prizes:
GB11H23793 from 10/1912300 (Son of 48 AS):

2nd from 54 birds 334 miles
8th from 195 birds 334miles
33rd from 826 birds 334 mile

1st from 23 birds 397 miles
6th from 92 birds 397 miles
17th from 439 birds 397 miles

GB11H23631 from 10/1897360 (Son of 91 AS):

3rd from 149 birds 50 miles
7th from 361 birds 50 miles

2nd from 170 birds 84 miles
4th from 2254 birds 84 miles

We are happy with the performances of the birds but think we can still do better. With the pigeons being latebreds in 2010 we only bred a small number of young birds from them in 2011, but we have bred more this year! So there will be more of your birds in our widowhood team for 2013 and we are looking forward to updating you with more successes!

Reactions on Facebook:
"Hallo Ria Klessens! We're very happy to report that 'Mobot' grandson of '48 As' was the fastest bird in Yorkshire and Derbyshire from Falaise (334 miles) approximately 5,000 birds, on the 20th July!!!! Also a grandson of '91 As' won 2nd from 2,044 birds 126 miles earlier in the season! we're really happy with the birds from Hans and yourself! :-)"


Alex, Karel, Ria and Hans 


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