Game method

Hans and Ria use different systems.
So is played with 25 couples total widowhood and twelve couples nest.
Difference in performance is hardly noticeable between the sexes and methods. Hans emphasizes that total widowhood anything else is just as widowhood with cocks. This allows you some flexibility to deal with the cocks and does it not all at the hour and time. The widowers race now and then, together with the nesting birds.
It's not a problem then the pigeons to run on their own loft inside they are so used to it. Last season was put midseason all nest because the hens began to attach themselves. This season they have so far no problems.



The medical examination shall, if necessary, done by Vincent Schroeder and Rob Hoekstra.
For variety or also products of De Weerd be provided to the pigeons.

Grafting: In autumn and spring Paramixo Smallpox

The breeding pigeons are vaccinated this fall in November for Paratyphoid.

For some time, there is no permanent medical supervision, there is only cured when it is needed.
So preventative treatments is usually canceled.

In the run of the season for the breeding period cured only 5 days for Trichomoniasis.
The required products come from above or from the vets Weerd



Hans holds a diverse mix and therefore mixes several brands together.
These are:
Beyers All in one.
Versele Laga Gerry Plus.

The nesting birds are fed full house.
The pigeons on widowhood get morning Gerry Plus Versele Laga and evening mix as described above.
In addition, Hans adds also called Old son Beyers to the mix, depending on how they feel in the hand.
This is done purely by feel.
The last days before basketing the pigeons peanuts, Tovo and Nutri Natural Power.


By products

Products such as, inter alia, for the acidity;

Forte Fita
Apple vinegar

Oils are used in the food, they come from Dr. Brockamp, so do the nutritional supplements.


All kinds of.......

As for the old birds for the overnight (Extreme DISTANCE)

We play 24 couples on the nest. These are raced in total widowhood in the run of the season to the long distance races.
The yearlings (12 couples) on the same one separate department.

For the long distance races (Short DISTANCE):

12 couples are raced in total widowhood.
At least if everything traind well and they do not mate with each other, etc.
The old cocks hens usually stay at home,

Then there's one department where we play the cocks on widowhood.


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