DE RAKET NL00-0084308

"TE RAKET honnors his name"
RAKET NL00-0084308 is son vd "Pijl 823"

1ste ACE PIGEONfederation ZK - ZLU vluchten 2005
Barcelona... 1 st ZLU Kempenconcours 116 birds
Barcelona... 1 st Zuiderkempen 1005 birds.
Barcelona...30 st National. 7.491 birds.
Barcelona...59 th International 25.815 birds.

Marseille:.....8 th Federation Fondclub Zuiderkempen 304 birds
Marseille:.. 119 th National from 3.679 birds.
Marseille:...909 the International from 13.930 birds.

ZK ZLU vluchten 2006:
Barcelona...1 st Provincial Federation Fondclub Zuiderkempen
Barcelona...6 th National from 6.644 birds
Barcelona..12 th International from 22.887 birds.

Eindhoven - The "royal" race from Barcelona was a beautiful classic. Especially for Hans Klessens and Ria de Lepper.
Their five year old cock, called "the Raket" and played on total widowhood, took its name and claimed victory for himself in Fderation FC Zuiderkempen in Section 3 East Brabant. That he was the strongest of 1005 pigeons. He repeated this feat again in 2006.

The Raket:
The Raket is a summerbred from the year 2000 and he is son from the famous "De Pijl".
Hans breds in principle not from the racers, but because "the PIJL" is already very well showed a youngster was so in 2000 and produced one, which now wins fromBarcelona. That was not his first achievement, take a look at the following services:
2002 Bordeaux ZK 8292 Birds: position 47 th
Mont de Marsan National. 5414 Birds position 406 th
2003 Marseille National. 8730 birds. position 104 th
2004 Dax Zuiderkempen 77 th from 4.198 birds.
2004 Dax Nationaal 316 th from 13.456 birds.
2005 Barcelona Zuiderkempen 1 st from 1.005 birds.
2005 Barcelona 30 st. National from 7.491 birds
As written before, his Sire was his "De Pijl".
This "whopper" played 12 rates on overnight (2-day), including the 2nd national Marseille in 2002 and achieved 8 prizes per ten.
It is a crossing of Hermans-Hoekstra (which we find names like Emerald 1, Gold Kuyperke, Kuypers 57, and Superkweker from Jo van Haaren) x Lisa.
She is a direct Eyerkamp-Muller and full sister to Magic Boy. Mother of The Raket is Esmee.
She is a daughter of Wittik 60 Eyerkamp-Muller x Kelle, another Hermans-Hoekstra pigeon which the Emerald Loop Wim van Leeuwen is represented.


Extreme long distance


Zwarte Pijl 47 - Foundation cock



Lisa - Foundation hen

"Lisa"= stammoeder ...... Samen met "Zwarte Pijl 47" vormde zij het stamkoppel bij Combinatie Klessens de Lepper.







NL02-0264837 "INFINITY" 


INFINITY : NL02-0264837

Earlier this year there was great success for Hans and Ria with the 4th national St. Vincent.
This was played by the 3 year old Infinity. Again, this is a crossing of pigeons Hermans-Hoekstra with Eyerkamp-Muller.
Infinity is still young, but cut out the good wood. He is a yearling in a heavy Marseille played to gain experience, and then it went as follows:
Montauban: 671 st Federation Zuiderkempen from 7.037 birds.

St. Vincent: 647 th Federation Zuiderkempen from 5.142 birds.
St. Vincent: 2307 th de National sector 1 from 15.966 birds.

Dax: 83 rd Federation Zuiderkempen from 4.198 birds.
Dax: 330 st National sector 1 from 13.456 birds.

Infiniti : NL02-0264837 is full brother from "Countryman" and halfbrother from Speedy.


1 st Ace pigeon Overnacht C.C.Eindhoven 2005
4 th Ace pigeon Federation Zuiderkempen

St. Vincent: 1 st C.C.Eindhoven from 697 birds.
St. Vincent: 2 nd Federation Zuiderkempen from 5.338 birds.
St. Vincent: 4 th National in sector 1 with Car-poule 16.515 birds.

Mont de Marsan: 18 th C.C.Eindhoven from 624 birds.
Mont de Marsan: 22 nd Federation Zuiderkempen from 4.161 birds.
Mont de Marsan: 784 th National in sector 1 from 11.935 birds.

Dax: 1 st in de C.C. Eindhoven from 502 birds.
Dax: 15 th Federation Zuiderkempen from 3.516 brids.
Dax: 80 th National sector 1 from 12.647 birds.


COUNTRYMAN: NL96-9607795



Sire from ” Countryman ” is “ Samba ” direct from the lines of ” Kruisbek ” x “ zus Madonna ” from partnership Eyerkamp-Muller.
Dam of "Countryman" is “ Vernie ”.
" Vernie " is a hen from the "golden lines" of “ Smaragd ” x “ dochter Oude Diego ”.
She is original from partnership Hermans-Hoekstra.

29 th National N.P.O. Bordeaux 2000 from 5.626 birds.
88 th Federation Zuiderkempen Marseille 2001 from 790 birds.
64 th National Tarbes 1998 sector 1 from 3.045 birds.
119 th National N.P.O. Bordeaux 1999 from 6.592 birds.
166 th National N.P.O. Bordeaux 1999 from 5.510 birds.


Long distance


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