Kweek en................


This saying in the sport does still rising and is in fact the basis of most of the major successes achieved .
And just the culture has a special place in the heart of pigeonfancier Hans Klessens .
He is always working on this. Always compose new couples , about linking always .

Every opportunity in order to achieve the additional growing a pigeon . Breeding , view, rate , not easily satisfied and keep looking , but always keep looking .
It marks the real passionate fancier , someone who will never l go over 1 night ice, but deliberate maps out his way and with great effort trying to apply them.

Hans and Ria's pigeons are as basis for the long distance pigeons from Wim Muller , ( directly and through the late Peter van Raamsdonk )
Line I of W. Emerald Lions by Hermans - Hoekstra and Rambo line from the late Fons van Ophuizen .

Cor also Heather pigeons including through Bouwman - Simonz , Pol - Verhoeven , Cees Bijsterveld and Wim Bax , " The Stef " .
The van Geel pigeons come through late Jan Dunkirk . The " Dark Barcelona " , " Jander " , " cubes " , " Ruffec " lines through FPP .
Still present their golden blood flow from the famous Karel Meulemans .

The one-day distance and speed lines will include . from the very best lines of Peter and Ria van Breugel , Jo Manders ( fpp ) , Jan van de Putte ( fpp ) , Hospel -, and Will Geudens & son , Huub Hermans , Jan Smets , Henk van Limpt ( Prut ) " daughter GIANTEL " Jo and Nappe .

Recently, purchased pigeons from none other than Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem Belgium .


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