April 2014

14 April 2014

We have the 2nd race behind us .
The pigeons are in a good condition and start getting more and more training without our effort to do this, we like to see this .
There is currently only one time trained with both sexes .
This is how we work directed to the 1st long distance race.

The hens still take most of the prices on their behalf.
It all goes according to plan . The only thing we fear is, like many of us , the Raptor .
We have four fine yearling cocks lost now in total ( 1 to prey ) and 1 hen missed her inner wing when she came home .
Again Chimay 12-4 again one pigeon ( latecomer Sunday ) two pins from the wing and tail .
Hope it stops to continue, because it is a waste of pigeons.

The last youngbird is set off now at the middle distance pigeons and they are on total widowhood now .
Thus, the left and right , we are still a few minor changing, such as narrowing of the gates , so they get all registered by the EC-system .
They want into the loft so fast as they tumble over each other and then it can go wrong.
We want to exclude this kind of trouble.

The long distance pigeons are still on the nest and those we bring ourselves away for a training.
Our first youngbirds are from those pigeons.
This longdistance pigeons will race for the first time on the 3th of May from Isnes.

That was it for now
See you later.
Kindest regards, Ria


March 2014

March 2014 .
A new season is upon us and like every year we go there again in earnest .
The previous year was not what we expected it to be, so now it will going differently !
That is going to be there again. Essentially ' total widowhood ' played
We go for the entire program , but our preference is for the middle distance and beyond , so also to do the ZLU -distsance races.
The squad for the ZLU-races is not yet at full strength , but we're basketing/betting pigeons on each race .

The long distance pigeons , 24 cocks , are breeding at this moment .
The other long distance pigeons are mated beginning March 20 and may bring a youngster .

All birds are now vaccinated against Paramixo , Paratyfus and Smallpox .

The old birds we have now taken away a few times up to 20 km .
They begin to train properly especially the hens are looking forward to .
Winter boy come in handy since 14 days outside . This we held i.v.m Raptor .

Of the 56 birds there are 6 away after the first week, so that was not too bad .

To be continued .


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