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Welcome to the website of Hans and Ria .
Better known as the Partnership Klessens de Lepper from Valkenswaard .

The time of the marathons of airspace is there and every true lover of the distances hopes that happens where he has often dreamed of,
a win or a top prize on one of those national races as appealing
St. Vincent , Barcelona , Dax , and so on.

Flights which practically never know of luck and be fought on the razor's edge .
A battle fought by mega lofts and also by the "little man" with only one or a few pigeons .

But all with the hope ........... ( fill it in yourself . )
And fortunately for the sport , ..... chances are there for all of us.

And often you see it as a successful flight in the same season another is flamed . Health than prevails in the loft and the fairy form comes to visit and stays suspended several weeks .

Furthermore, the combination at the time was very successful with the Meulemans pigeons which are still some sitting on the loft .
See the book by Victor Vansalen " as breed champions and play " , but the movie Courier about Karel Meulemans .
Hans and Ria come regularly Karel Meulemans on the floor and have been good friends since 1984 .

Did you know:
That Ria is the first and the only female judge is qualified in the Netherlands ?
That Hans is a study of IN and production lines , and he is doing this a lot of nights
Hans GROW is his hobby .


Foto Hans/Ria Fotopersbureau Peter Smulders 


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Foto's: Peter van Raamsdonk, Ria en Hans Klessens - de Lepper, Peter van Zuylen, Martin Kwakernaat en Falco Ebben.
Foto Hans/Ria Fotopersbureau Peter Smulders


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